At APEX Manufacturing, we approach every project with an eye for efficiency, execution, and innovation. We are dedicated to offering the latest manufacturing technology in our 22,000 square-foot shop to deliver exceptional service and products for our customers.

Using high quality computer numerical control (CNC) machines, our highly trained staff produces a wide variety of specialty parts and components, including those for:

  • Oil and Gas Extraction and Production
  • Mining Equipment
  • Semiconductor Manufacturing Equipment
  • Road (Highway) and Agricultural

Using CAD/CAM (computer aided manufacturing software), CNC Machining creates specialty products
by removing material using high speed, precision machines that utilize a variety of tooling to create
quality parts.

Apex’s available machinery includes mills, lathes, saws, MIG welding and support equipment, allowing
us to deliver a custom production solution for your project.

CNC Benefits:

  • Able to machine a wide range of metal, plastic and composite materials
  • Ability to create highly complex parts
  • High-quality, custom finishes
  • Precise repeatability
  • Scalability from 1 – 10,000+ parts
  • Speed of production
  • Low cost per unit

Our knowledge of manufacturing combined with our knowledge of technology provides our customers a powerful solution. When quality, pricing, and timing are crucial, we can deliver the parts you need to keep your projects moving forward.


Apex operates 15 CNC machines and assorted support equipment. Our machines include:

  • Hass and Doosan Vertical Machining and Turning Centers
  • Machining center capacity up to approximately X-50″ Y-20″ Z-25″, including 4th and 5th axis machining
  • Turning center capacity: up to 25″ cutting dia. X 51″ between centers with 4″ through spindle bar capacity

Our founder Bill Blaquiere started BC Production Machining in 1997 with a band saw and two CNC machines housed in a 1,000 sq ft building and a dream. A year later Bill merged with Dave Lewis who owned a CNC programing and technology business, and the name was changed to Apex Manufacturing Services Ltd.

Apex has grown into the largest dedicated CNC job shop in the area with 15 CNCs and various support equipment in our 22,000 sq ft facility. Our vision of “Quality Parts, Delivered On Time, Competitively Priced” has established Apex as the go-to CNC facility in the area.