APEX Manufacturing began thanks to two people being in exactly the right place at the right time. David Lewis created the APEX name in the early 90’s, and his love of technology led him into the field of computer-added manufacturing (CAM). He worked with companies who were installing and learning to utilize computer numerical control (CNC) machines, providing the technical know-how critical to their work.

As David was working on installing and expanding the latest manufacturing technology, Montana native Bill Blaquiere was a journeyman machinist and managed a large maintenance repair and operations (MRO) facility. As times and technologies changed, Bill took a calculated risk and invested in two CNC machines: a mill and a lathe.

When the two first met, Bill’s knowledge of manufacturing, combined with David’s knowledge of technology proved to be a powerful solution. It was the beginning of a successful corporation that has now spanned nearly 20 years.

Still headquartered in Billings, Montana, APEX Manufacturing houses the highest-quality CNC machines available within a 25,000 square-foot shop. Its highly trained staff and central location have led the company to produce a myriad of specialty parts and components, including those for:

Simple or complex, delicate or designed to drive the world’s largest machinery, APEX Manufacturing has the people, equipment, technology and know-how to create the precision parts companies need to get the job done.

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